The first ensured that Trump’s populist mobilization was expressed within the confines of the Republican Party, as opposed to a separate far-right party as is common in Europe.At the end of his first year in office, the president’s approach to foreign affairs doesn’t fit the platitude-ridden narrative laid out in that speech as much as it lines up with six key components that define the Trumpian way abroad: America first, politics over policy, ego, deconstruction, risk aversion and dictators over democrats. They don’t make a neatly defined doctrine, but these components have a certain cohesion  at least in Trump’s mind  that hints at how he’ll operate for the rest of his tenure.

America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that emphasizes American nationalism in international relations and that is often described as isolationist. It first gained prominence in the interwar period and was advocated by the America First Committee, a non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry into World War II. Since 2016, an identically-named foreign policy that emphasizes similar objectives has been pursued by the administration of U.S. President Trump.So far, Trump’s foreign policy mostly puts America last.Trump didn't make good on all the promises.What’s more, runs the argument, there are formal mechanisms in place to do just that. The United States, after all, is ruled by a constitution that insists on the separation of powers, so that the executive  the president can never go too far, always held in check by both the independent judiciary, in the form of the supreme court, and the legislature, Congress. These venerated institutions will surely prevent Trump from doing anything too crazy. Less august, perhaps, but also to be taken into account is the federal bureaucracy: a vast civil service of non-partisan technocrats, who will ensure that any Trump proposal is softened and smoothed into shape, sanding off its harsher, more wild edges. And there is always the military: they surely won’t let Trump get out of hand.The trouble is, none of those reassurances stacks up. Start with the notion that once he has sworn the oath of office, Trump is bound to tone it down, dropping his most incendiary plans. The trouble with that idea is that party bigwigs were saying the same thing throughout the campaign, earnestly hoping that Trump would change once he became the frontrunner, that he would change once he won the party nomination, that he would change once he started the campaign proper in September.

Ku Klux Klan, either of two distinct U.S. hate organizations that have employed terror in pursuit of their white supremacist agenda. One group was founded immediately after the Civil War and lasted until the 1870s; the other began in 1915 and has continued to the present.The 19th-century Klan was originally organized as a social club by Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1866. They apparently derived the name from the Greek word kyklos, from which comes the English “circle”; “Klan” was added for the sake of alliteration and Ku Klux Klan emerged. The organization quickly became a vehicle for Southern white underground resistance to Radical Reconstruction. Klan members sought the restoration of white supremacy through intimidation and violence aimed at the newly enfranchised black freedmen. A similar organization, the Knights of the White Camelia, began in Louisiana in 1867.

Donald Trump ran a racist campaign, his ideology is white supremacy in all its truculent and sanctimonious power.Trump fans flames of KKK, white supremacy, the violence that happened in Charlottesville on , Aug. 12 at a White Nationalist rally is shocking and disturbing, but really not surprising. Donald Trump has fed the paranoia of white supremacy and bigotry throughout his campaign and term, and has alt-righters like Steve Bannon, Steven Miller and Sebastian Gorka working in the White House shaping his world view every day. No wonder the KKK, neo-Nazis and others see this presidency as bringing their abhorrent views into the main stream.Trump calls KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists 'repugnant'.Trump had been excoriated for his unwillingness to condemn the groups behind the violent protests that left one woman dead who was hit by a car allegedly driven by a man with ties to white supremacy groups.The Klan was unable to stem the growth of a new racial tolerance in the South in the years that followed. Though the organization continued some of its surreptitious activities into the early 21st century, cases of Klan violence became more isolated, and its membership had declined to a few thousand. The Klan became a chronically fragmented mélange made up of several separate and competing groups, some of which occasionally entered into alliances with neo-Nazi and other right-wing extremist groups.Trump Is ‘Racist’ And ‘Ungodly,’ Says Republican Pastor as He Quits Party.Trump uses derogatory, racist language to describe immigrants.They “all have AIDS” is just one of the ways President Donald Trump described immigrants who had received visas to enter the United States in 2017. A leader of an organization representing Native American tribes said Monday that President Trump calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “Pocahontas” during an event honoring Native American Code Talkers “smacks of racism.”The reference is using a historic American-Indian figure as a derogatory insult and that’s an insult to all American-Indians,” , general secretary of the Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes.FBI releases thin file on Donald Trump's father, Fred .Trump confirms, then denies, his father's arrest at a KKK rally.Trump finally responded to Boing Boing's uncovering of a 1920s-era story reporting the apparent arrest of his father at a Ku Klux Klan Rally in Queens.The FBI has released a small set of records on Donald Trump's father Fred, showing a fleeting interest at the bureau in the elder Trump's campaign donations and hints of a concern related to organized crime.Trump - Has GERMAN Ancestry & Is NOT Swedish - Fred Trump Father Was KKK.

Members of the KKK escorted by police past a large group of protesters during a KKK rally in Charlottesville.A Europe that thinks it is being abandoned or bargained away as part of some unrealistic hope for a Trump–Putin détente would have to fend for itself.”Trump overseas trip and its crucial engagements with allies in the Middle East and Europe presented multiple platforms on which he might have articulated a vision for America’s role in the world, or at least in the regions he visited. Instead, he kept his focus firmly on what was directly in front of him, and laid out goals (“advancing prosperity, defeating the evils of terrorism, and facing the threat of an Iranian regime that is threatening the region”) notable for their abstraction more than for their marriage to any means to achieve them. Nowhere was there a discussion of America’s national interests or how they related to the interests of others.KKK to hold parade in North Carolina celebrating Trump victory .Trump’s nationalist coalition takes shape.

America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that emphasizes American nationalism in international relations and that is often described as isolationist. It first gained prominence in the interwar period and was advocated by the America First Committee, a non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry into World War II.Does  Trump's 'America first' policy cede U.S. global authority?I don’t know if there’s a way he can state it, the way he could state in one sentence the Truman Doctrine or the Reagan Doctrine, or some famous doctrines of the past. His doctrine, I think, it’s still emerging, it’s still coming together, but the outlines of it were clear in the campaign. It was: there’s an approach to the use of force, there’s an approach to putting American interests first, an approach to putting especially the interest of American workers and the American economy first in trade negotiations.His protectionist stance on trade, his implicit threats to pull military protection from countries that do not contribute sufficiently to NATO, and his decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change are all designed to rebalance what Trump sees as a drain on American resources.However, under the slogan “America First,” Trump is ripping up that playbook and the net result could be that many American allies are forced to develop relations with regional challengers to hedge against their abandonment by Washington.The ground underneath the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Emancipation Park Saturday night was littered with evidence of President Donald Trump’s cultivation of the far right: protest signs with messages like “The Jewish Media Is Going Down,” “The Goyim Know” and “We Support President Donald Trump.”Only several hours earlier here, white supremacist demonstrators and counter-protesters had engaged in open combat for hours. The sounds of screams had mixed with the sounds of people coughing, their lungs full of mace. Tear gas canisters and rocks and full water bottles and bags of feces flew through the air. Blood stained the sidewalk.For years, the enlarging East Asian sphere of influence has slowly threatened a once-stable Western economic and diplomatic hegemony, causing many in Washington to call for a restoration of American strength. Donald Trump embraced this attitude through his “Make America Great Again” campaign rhetoric, and more officially through his “America-First” foreign policy agenda, which seeks to adopt a more protectionist attitude toward the American economy while restoring the military to its preeminent position in the world.

Anti-Trump protesters burn an effigy of  Trump.Trump’s unpopularity is so widespread over the world.Trump Made Blatantly Racist Statements About Immigrants.Trump is even less inhibited in displaying contempt for Muslims. His repeated attempts at imposing a travel ban covering majority-Muslim countries is not about terrorism; it would do nothing to deter legally resident or home-grown "lone wolf" attackers.When Trump miscalibrates and strays into explicit racism, as he did in the case of Charlottesville, there are expressions of shock and horror from fellow Republicans and even members of his cabinet. But nobody renounces him, except senators who are about to retire. Nobody quits his administration on principle. Trump's enablers meekly go back to the all-important business of cutting rich people's taxes.

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