Does it matter that a UN ambassador has no foreign policy experience? South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been picked by President-elect Donald Trump to be US envoy to the United Nations.Mrs Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, was a vocal critic of the property mogul on the campaign trail.The 45-year-old governor later voted for Mr Trump, lamenting that she was "not a fan" of either candidate.Mrs Haley was the first minority and female governor of South Carolina, a deeply conservative state with a long history of racial strife.

Trump announced on December 6 that he would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.Among the Gazans killed in the December 15 clashes. The UN’s human rights chief saying he was “truly shocked”  demanding an “independent and impartial investigation”.Most of the world is not happy about Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. But the U.S. ambassador to the U.N.Nikki Haley just doesn't want to hear it.Trump Cuts Funding to UN After Israel Vote

Trump's Jerusalem declaration sparks fear,US President  Trump’s December 6 announcement that he would break with decades of American policy and move his embassy to Jerusalem has stirred international condemnation, as well as protests across the Palestinian territories and Arab world.Trump said the move was necessary for achieving peace, casting it as a simple “recognition of reality” and giving assurances that the decision was not a departure from the United States’ commitment to facilitating peace talks in the Middle East.Some supporters applauded Trump for doing what his predecessors did not. But many Jews and Muslims alike expressed concern that the president’s decision will spark violence in an already unstable region and threaten the possibility of a two-state peaceful solution.Jerusalem is sacred to three major religions. Trump’s move reverses 70 years of U.S. policy. His power to move the embassy comes from a 1995 act passed by Congress that recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and said the U.S. embassy must be moved there by 1999. But President Clinton used a waiver to extend the life of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv by six months, and every president since has done the same every six months. Now, the Trump administration has said the president will sign the waiver for the next six months, because moving the embassy will take several years.Haley sent a letter around to all 193 members of the UN, warning that the US is "taking names" of those who vote against the US's decision.U.S. ambassador to the U.N.Nikki Haley  sent a letter around to all 193 members of the UN, warning that the US is "taking names" of those who vote against the US's decision. Ambassador Haley threatened on Wednesday that Trump would be closely watching to see who voted in favor of a UN resolution on Trump's Jerusalem decision. It didn't work. None of the countries that voted with the United States and Israel against the resolution are diplomatic powerhouses  Guatemala, Honduras, Togo and the Pacific island states of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Nauru and Palau. Among those voting in favor were Russia, China and several U.S. allies, notably Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan and Turkey. The abstaining nations included Canada, Mexico, Australia, Colombia, Haiti, Poland and the Philippines.Despite the warning, 128 members voted on Thursday in favour of the resolution supporting the longstanding international consensus that the status of Jerusalem  which is claimed as a capital by both Israel and the Palestinians can only be settled as an agreed final issue in a peace deal. Countries which voted for the resolution included major recipients of US aid such as Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq.Although largely symbolic, the vote in emergency session of the world body had been the focus of days of furious diplomacy by both the Trump administration and Israel, including Trump’s threat to cut US funding to countries that did not back the US recognition.But only nine states  including the United States and Israel voted against the resolution. 

Outnumbered Over Jerusalem, Haley Tells World That US Will Be "Taking Names" During UN Vote"Trump regime exposes contempt for democracy through its threats against those who dare resist its thuggish demands at the UN.While not quite as lopsided as predicted beforehand, the final result was a clear condemnation of the Trump decision. Many diplomats were reportedly unswayed by the vision of Trump as some kind of bizarro Santa Claus as depicted in Haley's letter. The Canadian delegation actually reportedly changed their vote from a "no" in support of the US to abstaining from the vote.It...didn't quite work.

As United Nations members prepare for an emergency session to discuss the status of Jerusalem, President Donald Trump vowed on  to cut aid to countries that vote against his decision to disregard international law and recognize the ancient city as the capitol of Israel."They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us," said Trump. "Well, we're watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We'll save a lot. We don't care."His remarks were met with condemnation by Amnesty International."Trump is doubling down on his reckless policies by coercing other countries into accepting his decision to recognize the unlawful annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel," said Raed Jarrar, the group's advocacy director for the Middle East. "The Trump administration’s bullying tactics will only serve to further isolate the United States on the global stage. Rather than threatening those who depend on U.S. aid, the Trump Administration should abide by its legal obligations not to recognize an illegal situation and reverse its course on Jerusalem."While support for the resolution was somewhat less than Palestinian officials had hoped, the meagre tally of just nine votes in support of the US and Israeli position was a serious diplomatic blow for Trump.Immediately after the vote the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, described the result as a “victory for Palestine”. The Palestinians’ UN envoy, Riyad Mansour, described the result as a “massive setback” for the US.“They made it about them,” Mansour told AFP. “They did not make it about Jerusalem, so when you make it about them and to only be able to get nine votes to say ‘no’ to it, I think it was a complete failure for their campaign.”GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories:  Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded in violence with Israeli forces across the Palestinian territories, as tens of thousands of people joined new protests against Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.Although its significance is purely symbolic, the resolution carries political resonance, particularly in the Middle East, where the U.S. decision has sparked protests and drawn condemnation from Arab governments. Underscoring the U.S. isolation on the issue, even many allies have publicly appealed to the administration to reverse its position and leave Jerusalem’s status undecided until Israelis and Palestinians negotiate terms.

Palestinian killed , 82 wounded in Gaza clashes over Trump's Jerusalem ,by Israeli fire and dozens more wounded, along with an Israeli officer, in clashes across the West Bank and near Gaza's border. Which departed from decades of US policy that the fate of Jerusalem should be decided through negotiations, have yet to relent across various Arab and Muslim countries in the region.

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