The Finding of Moses, sometimes called Moses in the Bullrushes, Moses Saved from the Waters, in the River Nile of Moses as a baby by the daughter of Pharoah.

When Pharoah ordered the execution of all Israelite boys, the infant Moses was taken by his mother and placed in a basket by the River Nile where he was found by Pharoah's daughter and her attendants. It is Pharaoh's wife, Miriam, who rescues the baby, not his daughter.The queen is in the river with an attendant, both at least clothed in undergarments (more clothes seem to be hanging from a tree branch), and an older servant, or Moses' mother, on the bank.

Pharoah's daughter, the central figure pointing down at the child. Two handmaidens on the right gesture towards the spot where he was found. The kneeling figure in green is Moses' sister, Miriam, who had been watching nearby. She came forward and volunteered her mother, the woman seen standing on the far left with a protective hand on Miriam's shoulder, as nursemaid to the child, so returning Moses to his mother.

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